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Serving Veterans in Massachusetts

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Supporting Veterans is a top priority throughout the public workforce system. Massachusetts has made TORQ a centerpiece of the services it offers job seekers with military backgrounds. In fact, their use of TORQ has been so successful that it was the subject of a feature article in the Boston Globe.

TORQ provides uniquely valuable support to thousands of Veterans in Massachusetts each year, based on a “crosswalk” that links most of the 9,700 military occupations to their closest civilian equivalents. This enables individual Veterans to be matched to alternative occupations, job openings and training, based on skills they acquired in the military.

Career center staff in Massachusetts have found that TORQ is especially helpful to veterans who may not realize the wide array of civilian occupations open to them based on their military experience. And because TORQ can be accessed from anywhere and includes comprehensive job postings from every US zip code, servicemen and women can begin searching for jobs at home even before they leave their deployment overseas.

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