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Helping Displaced Professionals in Florida

CareerSource Broward operates a unique service to help skilled professionals find new jobs in the Ft. Lauderdale area. Called the Professional Placement Network (PPN), the program uses TORQ as a primary tool to help highly experienced or college educated workers to explore new careers.

The PPN takes advantage of TORQ’s personalized career planning features to zero in on alternative occupations that fit each person’s skills, but which he or she might not have considered previously. The program emphasizes consistent use of TORQ’s personal link to reconnect users to constantly updated, highly-targeted job listings. By monitoring individual usage, and encouraging users to revisit TORQ often, PPN promotes active, focused job search.

“I know without TORQ, I would possibly still be searching for my next career,” says one PPN participant. “With TORQ, I found success and started working less than 60 days after taking the PPN workshop.” Another PPN graduate writes “I used TORQ as a means to cut through the noise of the job searching sites, and to get leads tailored to my skills and experience . . . I will always be grateful that you introduced me to the usefulness of TORQ, as it helped me in reducing the time of my job search process.”

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