• Kyle McDonald

Enhancing On-the Job Training in Pennsylvania

Updated: Sep 28

Multiple states have used TORQ to help select participants for On-the-Job Training (OJT) programs, and to define the necessary training activities. TORQ users in Berks County, Pennsylvania have been especially creative and effective in the use of the tool with OJT participants.

TORQ uses O*NET data to define the skill and knowledge requirements for every occupation, and scores each individual’s competencies against those requirements. This makes it an ideal tool for identifying the specific competencies that should be included in an OJT program.

In Berks County, career staff have not only used TORQ to plan and structure training programs, they have also relied on it to set employer reimbursement levels. For example, if an applicant has a TORQ score above 90, indicating a close fit with the target job skills, the number of hours of OJT might be reduced, and reimbursement rates per hour cut. Individuals with lower TORQ scores are eligible for longer training programs at higher reimbursement rates.

Used in this way, TORQ provides a simple, data driven planning tool that maximizes the training outputs from limited OJT dollars. Importantly, special OJT referral reports built into TORQ document this process, and are structured to fulfill Department of Labor requirements for the program.


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