Our Team


business Team


Dick Judy
Founder and Chairman

Dick is the inventor of the algorithms that drive TORQ software.  

Late in the last century he was a Professor of Economics at The University of Toronto.  He later became a serial entrepreneur, first selling computer hardware (made a fortune) and later selling cattle and bull semen (lost it.)

More recently, Dick was a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute where he coauthored Workforce 2020, and the founder of Workforce Associates.

Currently, Dick manages TORQ's skunkworks, while continuing to impersonate Vladimir Lenin.


Bill Johnston

Bill became President of TORQ in 2009, after four years hanging out with chimpanzees at the non-profit Jane Goodall Institute.    

Earlier in his career, he worked in President Jimmy Carter's White House, where he covered labor market issues.  After leaving that job in 1980, he studied the public workforce system more closely, by filing for unemployment insurance.  

In the intervening years, Bill held senior positions at the Hudson Institute, where he coauthored Workforce 2000, and at the public relations firm Burson Marsteller, where he was a managing director.   


Brian Hartz
Chief Operating Officer

Brian keeps TORQ users delighted.

As a member of the TORQ team (formerly Workforce Associates), Brian has become an expert in workforce skills gap analysis, use of labor market data, and training of workforce professionals. As TORQ became an online product, Brian stepped into the role of primary liaison with customers, and has now taken charge of day-to-day operations of the company.

Brian was a Herman B. Wells scholar at Indiana University. He has also been a runner-up on Jeopardy!, a member of several Indiana theatre companies, and an international lightsaber competitor. Besides all that, he keeps busy at home with his wife, daughter, and two cats.

product team


Jeremy Mercer
Chief Technology Officer

Jeremy is the genius who makes TORQ run so fast and flawlessly. 

After graduating with a degree in computer science from Waterloo University, he won a job at Microsoft by demonstrating that he could simplify the interviewer's code for an absolute value function.

After 15 years at Microsoft, where his assignments included multi-player games for the Xbox, he became the CTO of the startup company Glympse.  He joined TORQ in 2010 with the assignment to rebuild the company's product, a job that he has now completed - twice.


Julia Fuhrman
Data Analyst

Julia keeps TORQ data accurate and up-to-date.

She began her career in mental health providing therapeutic support to children and adolescents.  After getting married and moving to Atlanta, she achieved zen working to automate data tasks as an administrative assistant and changed careers.

She joined the TORQ team in 2015 to maintain our database of Labor Market Information, WIOA eligible programs and TORQ usage stats.  She also assists with customer service requests and new user on-boarding. 

Julia continues to add new programming skills to her data analysis tool belt and is currently a Grow with Google Scholarship recipient. In her free time she enjoys competing with her husband in fantasy football….not because she has any interest in the sport but because she loves statistics.