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Interested in skills based hiring? We're the only objective, patented system which can lead you on this new initiative.

Diverse Hiring
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Committed to equitable hiring practices? Lets talk.

Patented, objective algorithms that center your hiring process on what really matters…knowledge, skills and abilities. TORQ makes it easy to level the playing field for underrepresented job seekers – and easy on your candidates, who can create their unique profile from anywhere they access the web in less than 10 minutes.   

Torqworks levels the playing field for underrepresented job seekers. See how Torq delivers on this commitment:

Think of us as a sledgehammer for glass ceilings

TORQ algorithms objectively score candidate fit based on their education and experience, giving HR professionals crucial data to create vibrant, diverse workforces. For internal employees, TORQ can help with succession planning, training programs and career development.

Ready to see what TORQ can do for your hiring process?

Easy to Access, Easy to Integrate

Nothing to download, nothing to install. Cloud-based and supported by our team of experts, TORQ can seamlessly connect to any other web-based system (including job matching or case management platforms).

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