With offices in Indianapolis, Seattle, Atlanta and DC, TORQworks is a distributed team with a national reach.

Our story

In 2007, founder Richard (“Dick”) Judy was hired as a consultant to study career ladders for an Illinois Workforce Investment Board.  With a long and respected career in the field of labor and economic analysis, Dick was asked to study how people move from one occupation to another throughout their careers. He quickly discovered the need for a tool that provided a statistically rigorous way to determine how capable a person is of transitioning from one occupation to another.

He built a complex algorithm, originally in a Microsoft Excel workbook, to measure the transferability of workers’ knowledge, skills, and abilities. That Excel workbook was the original, TORQ 1.0. For the first few years, it was tested and refined by workforce professionals around the nation. Their workflows, priorities, needs, and suggestions helped TORQ evolve into a web application, TORQ 3.1 – an intuitive and powerful analysis system that interprets a world of workforce data for workers and their advisors all across the country.

In time, TORQ expanded to help job seekers with the release of cTORQ, a web application that helps One-Stop Job Counselors provide excellent career development service.  With cTORQ, career development professionals help job seekers find new jobs or training programs based on the knowledge, skills, and abilities they acquired in previous jobs.

Now TORQ is a constantly-evolving, next generation Web app, providing real-time career guidance on any platform from PC to smartphone, meeting job seekers and career specialists wherever they are. If you want to discover how TORQ can help you and your customers, contact us at teamtorq@torqworks.com.






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