Personalized Career Pathways
TORQ helps people build career plans in one easy process. Based on the knowledge, skills, and abilities from previous jobs and education, TORQ recommends occupations, training programs, and jobs matched to each individual. TORQ works for all types of workforce clients: youth, dislocated workers, TANF or SNAP recipients, Veterans, individuals with disabilities, and more.

Targeted Results
Career specialists and job seekers can build Personal Employment Plans to target increased earnings, education for recognized credentials, and/or occupations in high demand. 

An Online Career Coach
TORQ is especially helpful for job seekers who are uncertain about their career goals or employment options. Unlike ordinary job boards, TORQ provides clear guidance to individuals about their skills and opportunities, rather than expecting users to know what they want to do, and where they want to work.

Cost Effective 
Unlike other products that charge on a per use basis, TORQ allows unlimited use by any number of job seekers and career specialists, for one annual price. 


Fast, Easy Self-Service
TORQ delivers personalized guidance based on just a few key data points about the job seeker. With its simple workflow, ranked choices, and immediate access to job listings, TORQ can deliver actionable results in minutes. 


Integration With Case Management Systems
TORQ’s cloud-based solution fits within any software platform, and requires no support from technical staff. TORQ’s versatility allows for a variety of uses – some states make TORQ available to all job seekers on the Web, while others use the tool for intensive counseling in specific programs. 

Boosts the Impact of Career Staff
TORQ provides career staff with powerful tools to interact with job seekers. Staff can see individual employment plans, track clients’ progress and activity, and email or chat in real time with their customers.