• Market-leading reemployment tool for Career Counselors and their Clients
  • Workshop Mode allows one career counselor to help hundreds of job seeking clients each and every week. watch video
  • Job seekers develop own Personal Employment Plan they can access from any internet-connected PC.
  • Patented algorithm ranks alternative occupations based on person’s unique work history.
  • Maps non-combat military occupations to civilian.
  • Based on O*NET, each state’s own LMI data, and other data sources.
  • Web-based tool so there are no local IT support costs.
  • cTORQ starts at just $4,950 per year for unlimited use within one WIB.

Why use cTORQ?


cTORQ’s 7-step planning process, combined with objectively ranked alternative occupations, creates a structured way for job seekers to think out of their occupational “box.”


cTORQ helps many clients at once with just one staff member’s effort, greatly increasing efficiency while requiring you to train only a few staff members on the system.

An Unequaled Skills Matching Engine

TORQworks’ patented TORQ algorithm ranks alternative occupations based on transferable skills from a client’s individual work experience across multiple occupations, presented with all the key data required to make informed decisions in a job search.