Data Analyst


The successful candidate for this position will possess a broad spectrum of data analytic skills.

  1. The individual will be relentless in ferreting data from a multiplicity of sources, mainly governmental offices and databases. Some of these data are to be found on the Internet, others require written and/or oral communication with the person(s) responsible for their collection and curation. 
  2. The individual will be virtually paranoid about data quality, always remembering the adage that “garbage in, garbage out.”
  3. The individual will be patient to the point of idiosyncrasy in collecting and preparing data for use in our TORQ applications. At the same time, he or she will be impatient to deliver the required data and/or analysis to her colleagues and/or the relevant TORQ databases.
  4. The individual will have a high tolerance for heterogeneity in the styles and formats in which he or she encounters new data from their various sources.
  5. The individual will have excellent “people skills” in order to induce the keepers of official data to divulge them in a timely way, of needed quantity and of acceptable quality.
  6. The individual will have a consuming thirst to develop useful and actionable information from data, sometimes masses of apparently unrelated data.
  7. The individual will have excellent pattern recognition talents that enable him or her to detect and extract meaningful conclusions from ill-structured data.
  8. The individual will have an excellent command of the technological tools for data acquisition and analysis. Furthermore, he or she should delight in continuing to master new tools and whet old ones. At a bare minimum and without limiting the generality of the foregoing sentence, when taking up this position, he or she should have a good command of these tools:
    1. Data models and basic database concepts and structures;
    2. Computer tools such as Microsoft Excel and Access;
    3. Basic tools of statistical analysis and inference (e.g., ANOVA, simple and multiple regression, etc.)
    4. Internet search techniques;
  9. In the “nice to know” category, it would be very good if the individual also displayed a working knowledge of the following or, at least, a fervent desire to master them:
    1. SQL;
    2. Tableau;
    3. R

Please submit any applications via email to  Please include your resume, cover letter, and preferred method of contact.

Kiley Dorton

Director of Product Design & Development for TORQworks